Bishop in Brussels to lobby against Investment in Mining – by Ellen Teague (Independent Catholic News – March 27, 2022)

A delegation from Latin America, including a Catholic bishop, has travelled to Europe to raise awareness and urge support for communities suffering from destructive mining. It called for disinvestment from mining.

The members of the delegation met with European parliamentarians in Brussels on 24 March to denounce the relationship between dispossession and extractive impacts in Latin America.

Among the objectives are putting pressure on the European Union to promote a Due Diligence Law, pressuring companies to take responsibility for their actions and for the damage they have done to affected communities and the environment, and calling for a binding treaty on business and human rights.

Delegate Bishop Vicente Ferreira is the auxiliary bishop at Brumadinho within the Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte. Brumadinho is where a catastrophic tailings dam collapse in January 2019 killed 272 people. A tailings dam is an earth-fill embankment dam used to store by-products of mining operations after separating the ore from other components.

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