Ontario makes big promises with critical minerals plans but First Nations advocates remain concerned – by Heather Kitching (CBC News Thunder Bay – March 18, 2022)


Premier Doug Ford aims to position Ontario as major supplier of rare earth metals amid green tech boom

Lawyers and advocates for First Nations in northern Ontario say they’re concerned the Ford government wants to press ahead with mining development in the Ring of Fire without properly involving First Nations or addressing their environmental concerns.

The government released its new critical minerals strategy Thursday at the Lac Des Iles mine, about 125 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ont., aimed at positioning Ontario as a provider of raw materials for items such as smart phones and electric vehicle batteries.

“Global businesses are searching for the materials, expertise and human power needed to build technologies of the future. And I’m here to say once again, look no further,” Premier Doug Ford told reporters at the election-style announcement.

“This strategy details how we will strengthen our supply chains, how we will attract new investments to our province, and how we will ensure that the economic benefits are fairly shared with our Indigenous partners.”

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