Lithium mining: ‘A new Bolivia’, says EnergyX CEO – by Amanda Stutt ( – March 14, 2022)

When EnergyX founder and CEO Teague Egan first arrived as a tourist in 2018 on Bolivia’s vast salt flats, and learned they contained the world’s largest untapped lithium reserve, the entrepreneur in him saw only blue-sky opportunity.

Bolivia has 9 million tonnes of identified lithium resources buried beneath its salt flats, the largest being the Salar de Uyuni, yet the country has had barely any production of lithium chemicals.

Egan, 33, who made his fortune as an early investor in Tesla, buying in at $9 per share in 2013, has since advocated for the energy transition, and has even been touted as the next Elon Musk.

A serial entrepreneur who first gained notoriety for starting a record label in his 20s, Egan went back to Austin, Texas and began hiring PhD’s specializing in lithium extraction technologies. He launched EnergyX, a company aiming to supply technologies for lithium extraction and processing for generation batteries, working with scientists on a ‘nanoparticle filter’ to boost lithium recovery rates.

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