In reconciliation, government falls short in upholding the ‘Honour of the Crown’ – by Star Editorial Board (Toronto Star – March 14, 2022)

‘A government that needs a lecture on decency and honour from the courts, even as it wins a case, fails to meet the bar.’

Honour is something of a quaint concept. The “Honour of the Crown” sounds like a BBC television series.

But a panel of three judges from Ontario’s Divisional Court, in the form of a recent decision on a Northern Ontario land dispute, delivered an interesting treatise on the notion.

The court was considering a bid by the Attawapiskat First Nation to have mining permits issued by the Ontario government for exploration in its traditional territories quashed on the grounds that it was not consulted beforehand.

In January 2020, Juno Corp. applied for two mineral exploration permits in the Ring of Fire area where mineral deposits such as nickel and chromite are believed to exist.

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