Demand for minerals used in electric vehicles, wind, solar power a boon for B.C.’s mining industry – by Chad Pawson (CBC News British Columbia – March 13, 2022)

Exploration for minerals in B.C. needed for the world’s transition to a low-carbon future has accelerated over the past two years, as the province’s mining industry hopes to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and reconciliation with First Nations.

“If we produce responsibly, those minerals and metals here in British Columbia, we have an outsized opportunity to provide those to a world that is seeking to transition to a lower carbon future,” said Michael Goehring, president and CEO of the Mining Association of B.C.

The association represents more than 40 companies and 30,000 workers who mine for copper, coal, zinc, silver, gold, lead and molybdenum.

Goehring said provincial regulations overseeing the industry, the province’s clean hydroelectric power, and collaboration with First Nations make B.C. unique in its ability to responsibly meet an expanding demand for minerals needed to build electric vehicles, wind turbines and solar panels.

Goehring said B.C.’s mines and smelters emit much lower levels of greenhouse gasses compared to those in other jurisdictions.

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