Sponsored Content: Why the green economy needs Sudbury (Globe and Mail – March 4, 2022)


With one of the world’s largest concentrations of Class I nickel for use in battery electric vehicles, the City of Greater Sudbury is advancing Canada’s green economy objectives.

But the richness of this northern Ontario city goes beyond what happens underground. This global mining hub is quickly becoming an epicentre of battery metal supply chain innovation, while a cluster of mining supply and service companies is attracting entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed.

Known as “farm-to-table,” this opportunity brings together mining, automotive, battery and clean technologies “into one conversation that highlights Sudbury’s assets and advantages,” says Brian Bigger, Mayor of Greater Sudbury. “We’ve got the raw materials and we’ve got the expertise – the chefs – to do it cleanly and in a socially responsible way.”

With a 120-year history in mining, Sudbury is one of a handful of places in the world that produce Class I nickel, the purest form of the mineral, which is required for the transmission of energy in lithium-ion batteries. The Sudbury basin has nine operating mines, the province’s only two mining smelters and a nickel refinery, Mr. Bigger points out.

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