Gratton says Canada should do more to seize mining opportunities – by Mariaan Webb ( – March 10, 2022)

Canada has long been the dominant global mining nation – in mineral production, mining finance, mining services and supplies, and sustainability and safety, but Mining Association of Canada (MAC) president and CEO Pierre Gratton has warned that there are signs this position is slipping.

Citing data from the MAC’s yearly flagship ‘Facts & Figures’ report, released on Wednesday, Gratton says that while 2020 saw a modest increase in the value of projects planned and under construction until 2030, the total ten-year projected value of C$82-billion remains nearly 50% below the 2014 level of C$160-billion.

“There is certainly room to improve our standing,” Gratton says, adding that the federal budget, which will be announced in the coming weeks, offers the government an opportunity to better position the Canadian mining sector, and those industries relying on it for its products, to succeed.

Canada’s ability to provide the resources necessary for a lower carbon future requires effective policy and regulation support to be the supplier that the world needs.

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