What Canadian policymakers can learn from Europe’s energy woes – by Eric Nuttall (Financial Post – March 1, 2022)


It should be obvious: the world needs more, not less, of Canada’s abundant and ethically produced energy

As a dad of three young kids, much of my non-working hours are spent trying to help them avoid self-inflicted injury. Fatherhood, it seems, has imbued me with the ability to foresee imminent potential doom such as head traumas and broken bones.

A key lesson I try to teach my kids is that while wisdom is often the result of experience, which is often the result of bad decisions, smart people try to learn from the mistakes of others rather than making the same mistakes themselves. Gain the wisdom, avoid the pain.

Is what we are witnessing in Europe a teachable moment for North America energy policy? Can we learn from the mistakes of others and improve North American energy reliability and affordability?

Europe, quite clearly, has an energy problem. Over the past several years, coal plants have been shuttered, nuclear plants decommissioned and some offshore natural gas fields prematurely abandoned, all in the name of decarbonization and environmental protectionism.

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