Sudbury: Laurentian Lunars named finalists in Over the Dusty Moon challenge (CBC News Sudbury – February 14, 2022)

Team hopes to present idea at Colorado School of Mines later this year

A group of Laurentian University students in Sudbury, Ont., are finalists in a competition organized by the Colorado School of Mines. The Over the Dusty Moon challenge involved teams to design and build a “regolith transport solution for the moon.” In other words, they want students to find a way to move moon rocks.

“Lunar regolith is an important feedstock for construction, mineral processing and other ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) activities,” the university stated.

“To help us learn how to work with this difficult material in the harsh lunar environment, Colorado School of Mines and Lockheed Martin invite university teams from around the world to compete.”

The idea caught the attention of Quade Howald, the captain of the Laurentian Lunars and a fourth-year engineering student. His team includes eight mechanical engineering students in their final undergraduate education, including Alexander Mackenze, Adam Ferro, Ethan Murphy, Goran Henwick, Kevin Sullivan, Kyle Wooley and Reid Ludgate.

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