OPINION: Jason Kenney’s enthusiasm for coal mining makes little sense on most levels – by Ian Urquhart (Globe and Mail – February 14, 2022)


Ian Urquhart is executive director of Alberta Wilderness Association and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta.

Albertans have been waiting more than a month for the province’s Coal Policy Committee to release the results of its public consultations, along with recommendations for the future of coal mining in Alberta.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about what the public thinks. The chair of the committee signalled last fall that the public’s message was clear. Albertans, he said, are “strongly opposed” to coal.

Yet despite vocal public opposition, Premier Jason Kenney appears to be doubling down on his support for coal mining. “I believe in principle we can do it responsibility on a limited basis here in Alberta,” he told Global News in an interview that aired early last month.

Recently, High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass reported that during a meeting with Mr. Kenney in January, the Premier “was very honest with me as to where he stood on that. As he says, he is full-on, an unapologetic supporter of the coal mining industry.” The Premier’s office hasn’t disputed that account. What could account for the continued political enthusiasm for coal mining in Alberta?

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