Memory Lane: How Sudbury’s speed-skating miners edged out the competition in the 1930s – by Vicki Gilhula ( – February 9, 2022)

We’re digging into the region’s Olympic history this week in honour of Canada’s athletes currently competing at the Beijing Olympics

Every four years, Sudbury fans ignore the politics to enjoy the Olympics spectacle and cheer on athletic excellence.

With all eyes on the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China, this month, it is fun to remember homegrown heroes who have competed for Canada with the whole world watching. invites readers to share memories of watching and applauding Winter and Summer Olympians who made Sudbury proud and inspired others to achieve their dreams for a Memory Lane article to be published Feb. 23.

Quickly, how many Sudbury Olympians can you name? Meagan Duhamel, the pairs figure skater who won gold, silver and bronze medals. Figure skater Jeff Buttle, who won a bronze in Torino in 2006. Ice hockey gold medalists Tessa Bonhomme and Rebecca Johnston. Double gold medal swimmer Alex Baumann. Cross-country skier Devon Kershaw. Paralympian rower Steven Daniel.

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