Barrick launches tailings reprocessing project at closed US gold mine (Mining Technology – February 14, 2022)

The new project is expected to remove potential water pollution from the Golden Sunlight Mine.

Mining firm Barrick has commissioned the tailings reprocessing project at the shuttered Golden Sunlight Mine in Jefferson County, Montana, US.

Over the next decade, the new project is expected to provide tax revenue worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’ for the state while removing potential water pollution from the mine site.

The new facility is intended to reprocess the ground rock, called tailings, at the Golden Sunlight mills where gold was previously extracted.

Bristow said: “Last year, we started this groundbreaking plan to initiate mining closure at Golden Sunlight while continuing to create economic benefits. “Working in close collaboration with state agencies, we were able to complete the permitting process in time and commission the tailings processing facility, creating value for all our stakeholders.

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