Copper’s vital role in low-carbon economy – by Nolan Peterson (North of 60 Mining News – February 11, 2022)

When most people think about the metals driving the alternative energy revolution, lithium, vanadium, cobalt and rare earths spring to mind. As recently reported by EE Times Europe, “Copper is an important raw material for the electronics industry, being the most widely used conductor for PCB, wiring, and connector manufacturing.

The average person, however, might not realize this, thinking that copper is some kind of old metal on which there is no progress to be made.” There is no more omnipresent and vital metal to the low-carbon economy than copper.

The transition to renewable energy requires tons of metals, and copper is considered the most essential. Our global shift to a clean energy paradigm is set to drive a huge increase in the requirements for copper. Clean energy technologies are becoming the fastest-growing segment of demand – directly affecting copper.

Climate scientists have made it clear that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced drastically by 2050 to stave off catastrophic levels of global warming. To do so, the rate of transition to carbon-free technology alternatives is increasing exponentially.

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