Canada must invest in critical minerals – by Pierre Gratton and Brendan Marshall (Policy Options – February 10, 2022)

Policy Options – Institute for Research on Public Policy

To meet climate goals, the country not only needs to use battery materials, it should become a key world supplier.

Climate change is one of the key items on the agenda for this new session of Parliament which began Jan. 31 because the environment is one of the top issues for Canadians.

Mandate letters for the Trudeau cabinet ministers, released in mid-December, highlighted the importance of climate action and we expect the government to continue to concentrate on how Canada’s goals of a greener future can be realized.

Prime Minister Trudeau continues to speak extensively about the importance of climate action, including how Canada can play a leadership role in providing materials, such as critical minerals, which are essential to low-carbon technologies.

However, more should be done to support mining and specifically those processes and incentives that provide for the discovery of mineral and metal deposits for new electric batteries. A move in that direction would show our commitment as a global leader, both in mining and in climate change.

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