China supplies the largest number of minerals to the US, many of which classified as ‘critical’ – by Vladimir Basov (Kitco News – February 1, 2022)

(Kitco News) – China, followed by Canada, supplied the largest number of nonfuel mineral commodities to the United States in 2021.

According to the report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the countries that were the leading sources of imported mineral commodities to the United States with greater than 50% net import reliance were: China, 25 mineral commodities; Canada, 16 mineral commodities; Germany, 11 mineral commodities; South Africa, 10 mineral commodities; and Brazil and Mexico, 9 mineral commodities each.

USGS said that in 2021, imports made up more than one-half of the U.S. apparent consumption for 47 nonfuel mineral commodities, and the United States was 100% net import reliant for 17 of those.

Importantly, USGS pointed out that of the 35 minerals or mineral material groups identified as “critical minerals” published in the Federal Register on May 18, 2018 (83 FR 23295), the United States was 100% net import reliant for 14, and an additional 15 critical mineral commodities had a net import reliance greater than 50% of apparent consumption.

In 2021, China supplied to the United States the following mineral commodities: rare earths compounds and metals (include lanthanides), graphite, gallium, indium, tantalum, yttrium, bismuth, antimony, germanium, iodine, tungsten, magnesium compounds, industrial diamonds, barite, and others.

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