Mayor fears Rocky Mountain coal-mining concerns will be ignored after meeting Kenney – by Bob Weber (CBC News Calgary – January 27, 2022)

Canadian Press – An Alberta mayor says he’s concerned a massive public outcry over coal mining in the province’s Rocky Mountains will be ignored after hearing Premier Jason Kenney tell him he remains an “unapologetic supporter” of the industry.

“It’s very clear to me that Premier Kenney is 100 per cent behind the coal mining companies,” said Craig Snodgrass of High River after meeting with the premier, Energy Minister Sonya Savage and his local member of the legislative assembly, Roger Reid, earlier this month.

The comments came to light this week after Snodgrass informed town council about the meeting, which took place at Snodgrass’ request. High River’s council has been a vocal opponent of the industry’s expansion.

The meeting occurred about two weeks after the government received public consultation reports on the expansion of the industry. Snodgrass said he asked for the meeting with the province to see if the reports had shifted Kenney’s stance from that expressed in year-end interviews.

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