OPINION: Canada has a strategy for a critical minerals. But there are some critical issues – The Editorial Board (Globe and Mail – January 25, 2022)


Canada has big ambitions in clean technology – to become “a world leader” in critical minerals and batteries, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in December. The goal, however, exists mostly on paper. Canada is barely out of the starting blocks. There’s ambition, but it doesn’t always jibe with actions.

An important agreement was struck between Canada and the United States in early 2020. The U.S. had a list of 35 minerals it deemed “critical to economic and national security.”

Canada is an important supplier of 13, notably potash and aluminum. It also provides a quarter of U.S. uranium. And it has the potential to be a player in lithium, which is essential to the batteries in electric vehicles, and may hold the key to power storage in an overhauled electrical grid.

Among the things the two allies agreed to work on were “efforts to secure critical minerals supply chains for strategic industries.” Left unmentioned in the official press release was the cause of concern in Washington and Ottawa: China.

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