Canada absent from global conversation on deep-sea mining – by Natasha Bulowski (National Observer – January 2022)

Environmental groups want the Canadian government to call for a moratorium on deep-sea mining, joining countries like Chile and the EU Parliament.

Companies around the globe want to mine metals such as cobalt, manganese, nickel, and copper deep on the ocean floor, but hundreds of scientists warn the area is under-researched and its impacts on delicate ocean ecosystems could be devastating.

Undersea mining stirs up sediments, which would be released into ecologically sensitive marine ecosystems. The area is under-researched but some studies say these massive plumes of sediment impact the breathing, reproduction, feeding and survival of species living in shallower waters.

Deep-sea mining projects could start in international waters within the next two years and concerned organizations and governments mobilized to call for a moratorium. Canada missed its chance to vote because the 2021 election was underway.

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