Political instability in the DRC may affect global battery supply chain – report – by Staff (Mining.com – January 20, 2022)


A new report by Fitch Solutions states that the increased risk of instability between the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s cabinet and parliament could add pressure to the global battery supply chain over the next few quarters.

The African country is responsible for the lion’s share of the global cobalt output, which added up to around 68% of global cobalt production in 2020.

But recent events, such as the resignation of the first vice-president of the national assembly, Jean-Marc Kabund, on January 15, following an alleged raid on his home in Kinshasha by the Republican Guard, signal that divisions are growing within Félix Tshisekedi’s ruling party and point to headwinds to policymaking.

“Along with this comes high supply chain risks as there are concerns linked to the DRC regarding political stability, labour issues, corruption and transparency,” Fitch’s report states. “The next largest producers, Australia and Russia, account for just 4% of global cobalt mine output each.

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