Stelco Will Recycle EV Batteries At Its Ontario Factory – by Johnna Crider (Clean – January 16, 2022)

Stelco, a Canadian steel company, has announced plans to recycle end-of-life EV and lithium-ion batteries at its factory in Ontario. Stelco will be using proprietary technology from a joint venture of German and Australian metal companies Primobius GmbH and Neometels Ltd.

Stelco negotiated binding licenses and option agreements with the two companies. Neometelrs currentl

Stelco will recover up to 18,400 tons of nickel, manganese and cobalt sulfates, lithium hydroxide, and carbonate annually from batteries. It will also recover up to 40,000 net tons of scrap steel from the vehicles. It has a goal of starting its initial operations next year.

In the agreement, Primobius will be able to acquire 25–50% of Stelco’s recycling operation, and if it chooses not to, Stelco will retain the exclusive rights to recycle lithium-ion batteries in all of North America using the technology and paying Primobius a royalty from the gross revenue.

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