Petition opposes Ring of Fire, regional assessment in area – by Dariya Baiguzhiyeva (Timmins Today/Sudbury Star – January 14, 2022)

ATTAWAPISKAT — A grassroots group has launched a petition against a proposed development within the James Bay lowlands area, commonly referred to as the Ring of Fire.

The petition, launched by the Friends of the Attawapiskat River, also opposes a proposed regional assessment of the area which would be a pre-requisite to any mining development there. The group is demanding an Indigenous-led process and says it is standing up to Canada to protect people’s inherent treaty rights, and preserve the lands and waters.

Mike Koostachin, an Attawapiskat native who is a member of the Friends of the Attawapiskat River (FAR), said he’s concerned the development will have adverse impacts on the environment, on the land, waters and Indigenous communities.

The Ring of Fire area is situated in an area rich with deposits of nickel, chromite and other critical minerals used to make electric vehicle batteries. Attawapiskat is located downstream from the proposed development area.

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