How to seize Canada’s clean growth opportunity – by Don Lindsay (Financial Post – January 18, 2022)

The “big picture” economy can seem overwhelmingly large and complex. It’s easier to watch it unfold, letting it happen to us, rather than taking action to shape it. But that isn’t Canada’s story of Canada. Canada became a prosperous nation because people took action to make it that way: the Transcontinental railway; the St. Lawrence Seaway 75 years later; and just over 30 years ago, the establishment of the first free trade agreement with the United States.

These were nation-building moments where Canadians took control of our economic destiny. We are at a crossroads in history today that is crying out for that same leadership. The decisions we make now will be critical for laying the economic foundation for the next 30 years or more.

Climate change is accelerating and having devastating impacts around the planet. We saw those impacts firsthand in British Columbia this past year.

An unprecedented heat wave, then wildfires that caused tragic loss of life and enormous damage and displacement, followed not long after by rains and flooding that shut down roads and rail lines, costing billions and causing damage that will take years to fully repair. Then, all-time record cold temperatures that yet again caused enormous disruption and damage.

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