The Extinction Rebellion is brazenly dishonest when it comes to Indigenous people – by Geoff Russ (National Post – January 14, 2022)

Geoff Russ is a Haida journalist and writer based in British Columbia.

Extinction Rebellion protesters don’t care about “decolonization.” The loosely organized environmental activist group, known for blocking major roads and disrupting lives the world over, adopted the term to latch onto Indigenous people like a mosquito, and not for any inherent concern for them.

They only respect Indigenous people who agree with them, which almost always excludes elected Indigenous leadership, as well as both Indigenous and non-Indigenous working people.

The group would also probably exclude the man who, after introducing himself as being from Pacheedaht First Nation, confronted Extinction Rebellion protesters in Victoria this week.

He was captured on a video, which was widely-shared on social media, accosting activists for only speaking up for Indigenous rights when it fits their goals, and not in other instances like Indigenous people going missing.

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