Opinion: Kazakhstan unrest underlines Australia’s uranium advantage – by Duncan Craib (Australian Financial Review – January 10, 2022)


The world is decarbonising and Australia has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to capitalise on the inevitable surge in global uranium demand that will accompany it.

Global financial institutions are taking a new look at the Australian uranium sector, and with good reason. Civil unrest over the past week in Kazakhstan – the world’s largest exporter of uranium – and the consequent impact on uranium prices highlights the geopolitical sensitivity of the commodity.

This sensitivity means Australia should be the preferred destination of investment capital. State governments need to encourage this investment by implementing a regulatory regime to encourage exploration and development.

COP26 in Glasgow underlined how increased adoption of low-carbon energy sources will be key to reducing global emissions. Major economies are looking to nuclear energy as a low-carbon solution, and Australia can play a leading role in supplying the primary production.

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