Column: Europe’s green deal needs to get round anti-mining roadblock – by Andy Home (Reuters – December 16, 2021)

LONDON, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Protesters took to the streets in Serbia again on Saturday. It was the third consecutive weekend of marches and road blockades against the government’s push to develop its mining sector.

Opposition groups have coalesced around one project in particular – Rio Tinto’s (RIO.L) proposed lithium mine in the Jadar Valley. In Portugal’s Serra d’Arga mountains lithium is also the target of environmental resistance, with five local mayors leading a demonstration in October to protest a mine project.

Opponents of the proposed Rovina Valley copper mine in Romania have gone a step further, buying parcels of land “strategically located” within the project development area, according to Mining Watch Romania.

There are 19 metal “mining conflicts” in the European Union (EU), which does not include Balkan states such as Serbia, a research paper published last year by the Geographical Society of Finland said.

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