Gold, diamonds and psychic guidance. How an Ontario man took millions from investors and left them with nothing – by Grant LaFleche (Toronto Star (December 5, 2021)

“I do have psychokinesis abilities,” Shelley Ackrill told Torstar.
“OK, so I put my hands over the map and there was an area where
my hand was getting a lot of tingling.” That was the spot he was
to drill for diamonds.

Under the calming, low light of Bonnie Mori’s clinic, surrounded by shelves packed with vials of homeopathic remedies and crystals, a visitor could catch a breath and unload his troubles.

Behind a large desk, a wall adorned with certificates announced Bonnie’s credentials as a healer. Alex Christoff sat and told her his story of how a hunting mishap decades ago left a phantom knife in his spine that he could never remove. Surgery didn’t work. “Nothing could repair it,” recalled his nephew Rick Christoff. It was 2001 and Alex, then 72, was looking for hope.

After several sessions and hundreds spent on herbs, supplements and treatments at the clinic, Alex’s back was no better. But he felt a friendship growing. Bonnie visited his home, sometimes bringing dinner. The Mori family invited him to a family wedding and then to a family vacation in Florida.

Later that year, as one of the clinic sessions ended, Bonnie said she had something else to offer Alex, Christoff would later recount to his nephew. An opportunity he couldn’t afford to pass up, located just down the hall from her clinic, in the office of Gold Insight Resources, a mining company owned by her husband Richard.

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