Neskantaga First Nation taking province to court over lack of consultation on Ring of Fire mine road – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – November 25, 2021)

Ojibwe community accuses government of disregarding their consultation protocols on development

Neskantaga First Nation, a remote Ojibwe community in the James Bay region, is launching a legal challenge against the Ontario government to oppose, what it calls, “reckless mining development in the Ring of Fire.”

The community leadership tweeted the announcement Nov. 25 with additional details on their action provided through the Raven Trust website, an online portal that raises legal funds for Indigenous people to defend their rights and title to their traditional lands.

By launching a legal challenge to defend its “constitutionally protected right,” Neskantaga leadership said it’s demanding “meaningful consultation and respect for our laws”

Located 436 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, the community contends that while its leadership was dealing with multiple crises, the Ontario government “imposed impossible deadlines” and ignored Neskantaga’s laws and protocols when it comes to natural resource projects in its territory.

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