Leonardo DiCaprio is wrong — the Coastal GasLink Pipeline is good for Indigenous people – by Ellis Ross (National Post – November 26, 2021)


An open letter to a misinformed movie star

Dear Leo, I was confused and alarmed when I read your Tweet claiming “militarized raids” have been ordered against protestors participating in illegal and dangerous blockades opposing the Coastal GasLink project in Northern British Columbia.

But then I thought, given your busy schedule as a Hollywood movie star, you may not have learned the full story behind this transformative, environmentally sustainable project. So please, allow me to fill you in.

My people and many other First Nations communities, leaders, and elders, including 20 democratically elected Chiefs whose bands support the Coastal Gas Link project, are proud to champion British Columbia’s world-class resource sector.

These leaders have been elected by their communities, as I was when I fought to bring liquified natural gas (LNG) development to our province. I suppose you haven’t thought about how in siding with the unelected hereditary chiefs opposed to the Coastal Gas Link project, you are ignoring the democratic rights of thousands of First Nations people?

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