One of Mark Selby’s ‘most exciting days’ as Canada Nickel expands – by Staff (Mining Journal – November 24, 2021)

The company completed 18 separate transactions to acquire or earn in to 13 target properties – including Sothman from Glencore – to consolidate district-scale potential in the Timmins region.

“Why are we doing this now?” Selby asked analysts rhetorically on a conference call, given Crawford was “already the largest nickel sulphide discovery since the 1970s”. “Very simply, nickel deposits generally fall into one of two categories, one-off deposits, or occur where you have multiple deposits occurring in clusters,” he said.

“Based on the work that Steve [Balch, VP exploration] and our exploration team had done, it was very clear that we had a district-scale opportunity, with nearly 20 targets appearing from the geophysics, and then confirmed with the historical work that we did.

“Again, this is one of the most exciting days of my entire mining career, and I hope will be a very valuable one for all of Canada Nickel shareholders, our community, and First Nations partners.”

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