Biden’s bad green policy supply chain – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – November 20, 2021)

With all the policy angst about global supply chain crises that threaten various physical aspects of the international economy, from the movement of goods through vital ports to rising inflation to production bottlenecks, there’s another kind of supply chain crisis in the works.

That’s the supply of bad ideas that are streaming like flood waters into economic policy from the climate policy ocean. A prime demonstration of the ideological pileup is the chain-link of ideas driving U.S. President Joe Biden’s plans for the U.S. auto industry.

At the Three Amigos summit in Washington Thursday, Biden’s upfront “Buy American” electric vehicle strategy was a high-profile item on the agenda. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned that it posed risks to the U.S.-Canada-Mexico auto trade system.

To head off the risks of a dysfunctional continental automobile market, the head of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association has essentially proposed that Canada join Biden’s plan and expand it into a “Buy North American” program.

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