Unfettered climate alarmism on full display at COP26 – by Conrad Black (National Post – November 14, 2021)


A week after the Glasgow climate conference opened, 100,000 demonstrators marched to denounce the delegates as frauds who would not impose the revolution required in fossil fuel elimination to save the planet. The inevitable Swedish teenage climate protester Greta Thunberg called it, “Two weeks of business as usual: blah, blah, blah.”

Fortunately, she is correct: the Glasgow commitments are not binding and no one will pay any attention to them. Our government leaders are sufficiently intelligent to know that drastic reductions of carbon emissions are not, in fact, desirable, but they are not sufficiently courageous to tell the truth to the vast, brain-washed, brain-dead number of deluded climate alarmists who have bought into the bunk that the end is nigh.

After the usual cavalcade of world leaders inflicted themselves on each other in what amounted to a competition to utter the most fervent and sanctimonious promises about fighting climate change, U.S. President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fell asleep, and upon awakening, departed.

The promise: “King Coal is dead.” But coal powers about 60 per cent of the electricity generated in China and 70 per cent in India, and is a principal export of Australia; coal isn’t going anywhere.

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