WDC President urges industry to expand definition of conflict diamonds (Diamond World – November 10, 2021)


Speaking to the full assembly of delegates during the Opening Session of the 2021 Kimberley Process (KP) Plenary, World Diamond Council President Edward Asscher has reasserted the need for Kimberley Process members to agree to expand the conflict diamond definition in order to support long-term consumer confidence.

Asscher noted that the Plenary was taking place at a time when young consumers are increasingly expressing their demands for assurance about the social and environmental credentials of the products they buy, and highlighted that the diamond industry has the ability to deliver on these consumers’ expectations. But Kimberley Process members must act to expand the definition.
The five-day KP Plenary meeting began today as a hybrid event, with in-person meetings taking place in Moscow, joined in videoconference by delegates from around the world. The meeting is being hosted by the Government of the Russian Federation, which currently is the KP Chair.

“The diamond is a product that has the potential to both speak to the aspirations of this new generation, as a natural resource with the potential of providing sustainable economic and social opportunities to the communities that produce it, or be rejected, as a non-essential luxury item.

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