Quebec gets a taste of Alberta’s pain – by Ricky Leong (Calgary Herald – November 9, 2021)

It’s a cross-border energy project meant to bring reliable Canadian energy to eager customers in the United States. All the players jumped through the necessary hoops with the appropriate regulatory agencies over a number of years. It even got the necessary nod from the White House.

With all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed, upgrades to existing infrastructure and construction of extensions began in earnest. But now, millions of dollars and many months into the process, the work suddenly faces political obstacles that threaten to derail the project entirely.

You might think I was recalling the trouble befalling any number of pipeline projects.

But as improbable as it might sound, the trouble this time is focused on the New England Clean Energy Connect project, a multimillion-dollar power transmission line meant to send hydroelectric power from Quebec to Massachusetts.

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