OPINIONS: Canada must seize opportunity for critical minerals, EVs – by Mark Travers and Pierre Gratton (iPolitics.ca – November 9, 2021)


Mark Travers is executive vice-president of Vale Base Metals. Pierre Gratton is president and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada.

While the federal election is behind us, the global race to develop an integrated electric-vehicle supply chain is gathering momentum. Canada has a generational opportunity to leverage the country’s collective fight against the pandemic to build a strong, vibrant, and green economic recovery.

But we won’t get there without agility, hard work, partnership — and a sense of urgency. Issues that animated the recent federal election demand a comprehensive and pragmatic policy agenda, be they climate change or reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Canada’s ambition to develop a critical-minerals supply chain and integrated electric-vehicle (EV) industry also requires a strong policy agenda.

There’s no question the world needs mining for a greener future. Our industry provides the building blocks for clean technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, nuclear energy, and EV batteries.

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