Harper says Canada’s climate-change policy unfairly singles out ‘certain parts of the country’ – by Steven Chase (Globe and Mail – November 9, 2021)


Stephen Harper is criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate-change policy for unfairly singling out “certain parts of the country,” as the Liberal government proceeds with a hard cap on oil-and-gas emissions that are expected to particularly affect provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mr. Harper was speaking Tuesday at a virtual event held by the Canada West Foundation, an Alberta-based think tank. The event was closed to media but The Globe and Mail obtained a recording of his remarks.

The former prime minister did not identify Mr. Trudeau by name but spoke about the need for “fair treatment” by the federal government and avoiding conflict with provinces. “I made it a habit not to go to war with provinces,” he said.

Mr. Harper said if he were in charge of mitigating climate change in Canada in 2021, he would not be taking measures to “shut down” an industry in a region that didn’t generate political returns for him.

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