Sudbury’s Frontier Lithium aims to develop critical electric car battery resource – by Jonathan Migneault (CBC News Sudbury – November 9, 2021)

A Sudbury-based company has big plans to mine and process a mineral that is a critical part of batteries in electric vehicles and portable electronics. Frontier Lithium is exploring two lithium deposits in northwestern Ontario that have enough resources to build almost 500,000 batteries per year for electric vehicles.

“Many reference lithium ion as the gasoline of the future,” said Trevor Walker, the company’s president and CEO. “So the sky’s the limit. This is really an interesting time because as we’ve got decarbonization efforts taking place around the world, coupled with sensitive supply chains that’s been highlighted as a result of the pandemic, it’s a really interesting opportunity in front of us.”

Lithium is the lightest known metal and has a high energy density that makes it ideal for batteries. It is a key component of lithium ion batteries that are commonplace in everything from cell phones to electric vehicles from manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan and Ford.

And that market is growing fast. Many countries, including Canada and the United States, have set targets to phase out gas-powered vehicles and usher in new electric vehicles that don’t produce greenhouse gases.

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