Sudbury’s Totten Mine expected to be closed until 2022, as investigation continues – by Erik White (CBC News Sudbury – November 3, 2021)

Ministry of Labour inspectors have issued 10 orders against Vale for health and safety violations

A northern Ontario mine remains closed more than a month after the dramatic rescue of 39 Vale miners.

The shaft at Vale’s Totten Mine, on the western reaches of Greater Sudbury, is still blocked by a piece of equipment and how much damage it caused continues to be investigated.

A mining machine known as a bucket scoop was being lowered down the shaft at Totten, slung underneath an elevator known as a “cage,” when it shifted and became stuck. Vale says the bucket scoop is still in the shaft, although it has been secured.

The mining giant says it is drawing up plans for repairing the shaft and is hopeful that the mine will be back up and running early in the new year. Some of the 200 or so workers at Totten are involved in the repairs, while the rest have been reassigned to other Vale sites in the Sudbury area.

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