Greta Thunberg, other climate change activists in Glasgow slam ‘greenwashing’ and ‘false solutions’ – by Eve Hartley and Ben Adler (Yahoo News – November 3, 2021)

GLASGOW, Scotland — Climate activist Greta Thunberg stormed out of an event at the U.N. Climate Change Conference on Wednesday afternoon, where officials and business leaders were discussing how to ensure that markets for trading carbon offsets actually achieve the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Swedish teenager, who was in the audience at a panel discussion, left the venue saying, “Thanks for greenwashing,” after a moderator thanked her for attending the session.

When Thunberg said “greenwashing,” she was using an environmentalists’ term for an organization’s false portrayal of itself as environmentally friendly. Some activists contend that corporations and governments participating in the climate summit, also known as COP26, are guilty of just that, by paying lip service to combating climate change while continuing to use the fossil fuels that cause global warming.

The panel discussion was called “High Integrity in the Voluntary Carbon Market,” with speakers including Mark Carney, vice chairman and head of impact investing at Brookfield Asset Management and a former governor of the Bank of England.

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