Terence Corcoran: COPOUT26 — Face, farce and fiction, from Greta to Trudeau to Modi – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – November 3, 2021)


There is no way to remove fossil-fuel emissions from the world without causing economic chaos

After just two days, the world has been drowning in COP26 climate hysteria delivered by politicians, corporate leaders and activists. Staying afloat through the onslaught, hanging on to lifeboats or, alternatively, fleeing killer wildfires and ideological dust storms, requires constant vigilance, awareness and an ability to distinguish fact from fiction and farce.

We begin with the farce, or in this case, f(arse) as staged by media climate star Greta Thunberg who led a group of teenage scientists in a rousing rendition of the latest hymn to a new world order.

Under Greta’s musical direction the demonstrators chanted : “You can shove your climate crisis up your arse.” Judging by Twitter reactions, the idea has wide support across the world from all sides of the climate policy debate.

From Greta’s inspiring call to action, we turn now to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s parade of banalities and fact-twisting justifications for his government’s plan to cap carbon emissions, cripple Canada’s fossil fuel industry and continue to ratchet up carbon taxes.

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