EU aims to dethrone Asia as world’s battery powerhouse – by Sean Goulding Carroll ( – October 20, 2021)

Brussels plans to wrest the title of global electric vehicle battery leader from Asia by supercharging Europe’s battery production and imposing strict green criteria that will make European products the de facto global standard.

New EU legislation seeks to make European batteries the greenest in the world by setting carbon emissions limits on production, obliging manufacturers to use recycled content, and imposing checks to prevent labour abuses in the battery supply chain.

Collectively, China, Japan, and South Korea are the world’s most prolific battery producers, making Asia the global powerhouse of electric vehicle batteries. North America is the second largest producer, with Europe taking bronze.

The steady shift to electric vehicles and an increased reliance on handheld devices in recent years has seen the demand for batteries in Europe surge. According to EU estimates, global demand for batteries is set to increase 14-fold by 2030, with the EU expected to account for 17% of that demand.

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