Engine of civilization, fueled by mining – by A.J. Roan (North of 60 Mining News – October 29, 2021)


With such incredible technologies at mankind’s disposal today, it is easily forgotten the ingenuity and sheer gumption that our predecessors brought to solving some of the more rigorous and demanding jobs that construed early development.

The ever-present wheel, hand tools, weaponry, and beyond, the plethora of devices humanity has created, only expanded into breathtaking and mind-numbing concepts our forebearers could never fathom. Areas such as animal husbandry, agriculture, and architecture, the people of Earth have continued to refine and simplify whilst also creating complex machines to accomplish even the most menial of tasks.

One such industry that consumes and surrounds the very foundations of present society and defines the eras of which our civilization progressed is mining. Stone, tin, copper, iron, coal, etc., the earliest materials used to fashion civilization, is still very much the same as it has always been, albeit with many more steps; we must still dig.

Today, we use incredible vehicles to carve and transport millions of metric tons of soil and rock; electricity and automatic calculations for powerful explosives; wireless signals to transfer detailed data from one side of the planet to the other in seconds; and now even artificial intelligence to filter and streamline numerous aspects of geology into concise approximations of resources.

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