Blue Liberals are seeing red over new Trudeau cabinet – by John Ivison (National Post – October 28, 2021)

This is Canada’s first NDP prime minister,’ said one Liberal

The reaction to the most recent cabinet shuffle from a number of current and former Liberal caucus members was visceral.

“They (the current leadership) are vandalizing the economy,” said one senior Liberal (a shopworn phrase that in this case is justified.) “Business-oriented Liberals are apoplectic,” he said.

As I wrote Tuesday , this is not a cabinet that inspires confidence that it will be able to ensure continued prosperity and national unity. A number of Liberals reached out to express their concerns at the appointment of former activist Steven Guilbeault as the new environment minister and the removal of other more centrist voices like Marc Garneau and Jim Carr .

“This is Canada’s first NDP prime minister,” said one, noting the irony that when real New Democrats have been elected provincially, they have been forced to abandon their “eat the rich” dogma.

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