Trudeau’s new cabinet signals end of natural resource economy – by Brian Lilley (Toronto Sun – October 26, 2021)

The biggest changes and most worrying signs when it comes to Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet come by way of the portfolios that Trudeau has said are most near and dear to his heart.

Melanie Joly is in at foreign affairs, Steven Guilbeault is in charge at environment and John Wilkinson is in charge of natural resources. With these three appointments, Justin Trudeau is saying that natural resource extraction in Canada is in danger, and he doesn’t really care what the world thinks of this country.

Let’s start with foreign affairs and the appointment of Joly. This used to be a prestigious appointment in any government, regardless of political stripe. The person in this portfolio represented Canada on the world stage.

Often, with Trudeau, this is somewhere he parks ministers he doesn’t know what to do with, and Joly is the latest example.

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