Resource nationalism on the rise in top mining countries — report – by Editor ( – October 25, 2021)

The last year has seen a rise in resource nationalism — or the risk of thereof —in an extensive and fast-rising number of countries, including top mining countries, market analyst Fitch Solutions finds in its latest industry report.

While resource nationalism had been relatively contained geographically speaking in the past to Sub Saharan Africa, and localised countries such as Indonesia, it is spreading across the world and is now noticeable in SSA (the DRC, Mali, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Guinea), Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Chile), North America (the US), Europe (Russia) and Asia (Indonesia, Mongolia), Fitch reports.

The analyst has long argued that resource nationalism in the mining sector was going to remain a key feature of the sector. In the wake of covid-19, Fitch raised the probability of a rise in resource nationalism on a global basis.

Over the past 12 months, resource nationalism in top mining players has flared up around the world, mostly in emerging markets. Fitch expects this trend to continue over the coming few years, as underlying drivers of resource nationalism and government intervention will remain in play.

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