Green policies have denied opportunities to First Nations, without any benefit to the planet – by Chris Sankey (National Post – October 23, 2021)

Everyone’s attention is turning to the energy crisis in Europe and Asia and the increasing cost of petroleum products, with record-high natural gas prices and oil at $80 a barrel and rising.

As a Tsimshian from northwest British Columbia, when I look at what’s happening in the markets, I wonder how much better off our communities would be if all the cancelled pipeline projects had gone ahead and B.C. was exporting LNG at these record prices.

Over the past decade, whenever a pipeline or LNG project has been proposed for our territories, our communities were told that oil was dead. Many of those who participated in protests and offered misleading narratives about the energy sector are now in government.

Their message was that there was no demand for oil, so we would be buying stranded assets, and that LNG was too dirty to develop, or that it would not be profitable at all.

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