Foreign donors gave $1.3 billion to Canadian environmentalists to ‘hurt’ Alberta energy sector: Report – by Tyler Dawson (Vancouver Sun – October 21, 2021)

EDMONTON — The inquiry launched by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s government into the scale of foreign funds aimed at damaging the province’s oil and gas industry has issued its long-awaited report, finding that foreign donors provided nearly $1.3 billion in funds for Canadian environmental campaigns between 2003 and 2019.

The report, compiled over two years by Calgary accountant Steve Allan, fulfils a major election promise for Kenney’s United Conservative Party and lays out the network of environmental organizations, and some of their funding sources, that have sought to limit the growth — or shut down entirely — Alberta’s oil and gas sector.

“From my perspective, I was surprised at how much we found, how co-ordinated and sophisticated and well-funded these campaigns were,” said Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage in an interview.

“It was a lot of money, coming from across the border, from foreign jurisdictions that came in to influence domestic policy, to influence legislation and regulatory matters, policy, and we should care about that.”

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