Nickel: the mined commodity most exposed to biodiversity risks – report – by Valentina Ruiz Leotaud ( – October 7, 2021)

Nickel is the mined commodity most exposed to biodiversity risks, a recent report by Verisk Maplecroft shows.

According to the consultancy firm, the battery metal’s exposure to such risks is mainly due to the fact that some of the largest nickel operations on the planet are located in biodiverse areas such as Indonesia, New Caledonia and the Philippines.

“Our data show Indonesia has the highest risk of all major producers. The country is the world’s largest producer of nickel ore and home to one of the world’s biggest copper-gold mines,” the report reads.

“Meanwhile, Brazil – another high-risk nation – is the world’s second-largest producer of iron ore. Along with Papua New Guinea, these countries are all rich in globally important biodiversity, but safeguards for those valuable species and ecosystems are under threat.”

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