Battery technology gives China an opening in electric vehicles – by Henry Sanderson (Financial Times – October 6, 2021)

This summer the Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD shipped its red Tang sport utility vehicles to Norway, the country which has seen the quickest uptake of battery-powered cars.

Named after the Chinese dynasty, the cars are powered by BYD’s homemade lithium batteries, a technology it hopes will become a key platform for the global car industry.

BYD’s first Norwegian customer, Per Lian, a salesman at a building ventilation company, says Norwegians would have no qualms buying Chinese cars given the cheaper cost and decent range.

“We understand the Chinese will come and take a big part of the cars in Norway,” says Lian, who drives around 4,000 kilometres a year for his job “I feel the quality is good. Most important are the prices — if you want to buy a Tesla it is maybe double.”

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