Mining is essential to low-carbon transition – by Pierre Gratton (Winnipeg Free Press – September 29, 2021)

Pierre Gratton is president and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada.

WHAT do the green technologies essential to getting us to net-zero, such as solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear energy and electric car batteries, all have in common? A dependence on metals, like nickel, iron, cobalt, uranium, zinc and copper, to function.

The question is not whether we require minerals and metals to reach our climate goals, but rather if Canada will become the supplier the world needs.

As a recognized global leader in responsible mineral production, and with markets and consumers increasingly demanding cleaner and greener materials at every stage of the supply-chain for the products they consume, Canada is well placed to become the supplier of choice for these critical inputs.

With 82 per cent of our electricity generation coming from non-GHG emitting sources, Canada produces some of the lowest carbon intensity mineral and metal products anywhere in the world, and can and should play a much more significant role in providing the materials the world needs to get to net-zero.

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