Sensible greens would back natural gas – by Gwyn Morgan (Financial Post – September 21, 2021)

In a previous column (July 22) I pointed out that, since switching coal-fuelled power plants to natural gas cuts CO2 emissions in half, exporting liquified natural gas (LNG) to displace coal both benefits our economy and reduces global emissions.

Also: that since converting gasoline and diesel-fuelled vehicles and ships to natural gas cuts emissions by 25 per cent, providing incentives to achieve that could substantially decrease domestic emissions, as well.

It’s not unusual for my columns to draw criticism but presenting a practical and achievable way of substantially reducing global greenhouse gas emissions seemed to me the least likely to do so. I was wrong!

Criticisms of my columns typically fall into two categories. Those incapable of disputing the facts often resort to personal attacks. In this case, I was accused of writing a “propaganda piece for the fossil fuel industry.”

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